Drive your business and boost your sales with Incentive Point a new platform to redeem over 1,500 fascinating items. Available online right on your PC and mobile devices.

What is Incentive Point?

Incentive Point is a point-system web application platform with integrated service to get a chance to redeem our delicately selected items. Over 1,500 items are ready to be easily explored in web browser on PC and mobile devices. Our service is designed to be an effective Incentive program for employee, distributor and customer to drive your company loyalty and sales.

Choose what look like to suit you

No need to download any application! Our services are ready to serve

  • User management & Campaign management system.
  • Effortless sharing your incentive program URL in various fashion. QR Code, Line@, Website, Mobile application, whatever you want.
  • Ready to connect with your company intra-system, HRIS, CRM, etc.
  • Point usage and point remaining detail are directly sent by email to user every month.
  • Integrated service for your company. Focus on your core-value business and let us serve your incentive campaign.
  • Executive report to see how effective the campaign is.
  • No need of system maintenance on your own. We run it for you.
  • Your brand identity is on platform within 2 weeks.
  • Incentive campaign consultancy service.

Our features