Sales reps in particular benefit from a sales team incentive program. The culture of sales has long been one of competition, performance, and measurement. Most sales reps aren't content to just be a sales rep, they want to be the highest-selling sales rep as well.

This is why a sales team incentive provider program works particularly well for a sales team. It gives them hard data that the sales manager can then use to incentivize their team to improve and outsell others on the team.

Sales Channel Incentive Program

But a sales team incentive program often isn’t enough to satisfy the goals of the company. The company’s need for hard data goes beyond tracking the performance of the individual sales rep. The company often requires easily accessible data on the products sold as well.

This is so they can assign different values to the points accrued by selling different products of a company’s product line.

Some products may be easier to sell than others. The company may assign a higher value of points to these slower-moving products in the desire to increase their popularity or just to clear the amount of stock they have on hand.

They need not just an incentive program, but a sales channel incentive program as well. This type of program will deliver the data that sales managers need to determine the point-value of different products in the company’s product line across all their sales channels, both online and face-to-face.

It creates a matrix of the different sales reps and who are the top performers in each of the product categories.

Easily Adjustable Criteria

The sales manager needs a flexible sales team incentive program that delivers data on all aspects of the company’s sales activities. This is an important aspect of any distribution company.

The distribution company may be selling other company’s products. The different manufacturers of those products may be contributing to the rewards the company gives to the sales team based on the points they’ve accrued.

It’s imperative that the companies be able to track each sales rep’s performance over multiple products furnished by different manufacturers to accurately award them their rightfully-earned points.

Sales Team Reward Ideas in Thailand

In Thailand, Benefit One offers companies across the country the ability to adjust their unique sales teams reward programs to reflect the input of new ideas. These new ideas will incentivize their sales reps to increase the sales volumes of the company.

Management can change these ideas on sales promotions from week to week, month to month, or yearly. With the flexibility and capability that Benefit One offers in our sales incentive programs, companies in Thailand can provide reports to both the company’s sales managers and the different manufacturers to justify their contributions.

Seamless Method of Motivating Sales Teams

Benefit One offers a seamless sales team incentive program that will effectively and efficiently monitor the performance of every rep on a company’s sales team across multiple sales channels. With the growth in online sales as well as face-to-face sales, the need to provide a digital platform to keep track of every sales channel available to your company has never been greater.