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Over 7,500 companies in Japan, including government organizations, have entrusted Benefit One for its services. Our services and network are the largest of its kind in Japan. Benefit One is now enabling our clients to retain top performers and make the lives of both the clients and employees easier by using our HR technology services in Thailand.

In Thailand, we are providing a new incentive and recognition program for employees while working with distributors and vendors as part of our service. Our focus is to gain overall emotional commitment, create highly motivated employees, and make a positive impact on your company.

By offering our unique incentive programs, Benefit One can increase your employee retention, incentivize employees to improve beyond their expectations and increase the sales ability of your sales team.
We are an HR technology company in Thailand that has introduced corporate motivation and incentive programs that have reaped major dividends for all our loyal clients in Japan. The platform that has proven to be so successful for Japanese companies is now available to our clients in Thailand as well.

Unique Digital Platform

This unique digital platform uses a points system and rewards that can be redeemed for a monetary value to instill a culture of continuous improvement in our client's employees. The platform is a digitally-based program that is easily managed by the HR departments of our clients.
It offers easily accessed reports and breakdowns of performance data for every employee. Managers and department heads can stay up to date on the performance of every department in the company as well as every individual within the departments.

Dramatically Boost Your Sales

Sales departments, in particular, will reap the rewards of enrolling in the services that Benefit One is now offering to companies in Thailand.
By defining clear and attainable goals with a company's sales structure, we provide the means and the ability to measure sales reps progress and improvement. By offering concrete incentives that are readily attainable as well, we provide sales reps with clearly defined goals to work towards that offer successful sales rep personal rewards beyond a commission and salary.

Flexible Programs

We work with companies to create programs that are flexible and serve the needs of every type of department with a company across all sectors of industries. As long as a company can provide goals for every department, our HR tech company in Thailand can design an incentivizing program that addresses those goals.
Benefit One is here to ensure that every company in Thailand can meet the goals that will help them to become leaders in their particular industry. We do this by customizing our platform to address the individual needs of employees as they apply to a company’s goals.


Our mission is to provide better services/products at cheaper prices and more convenience. And to deliver pleasure and excitement to every employee in your company. We believe the Benefit One Point System will effectively help your company to improve retention and motivation for your stakeholders, strengthen your corporate culture, and boost your sales dramatically.


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