To increase customer loyalty and retention you need to recognize and reward your customers to keep them coming back!

Benefit One’s point-based customer loyalty programs can be used to incentivize and delight your most valued customers.

How can one create and increase engagement, loyalty, and retention for customers to keep them coming back?
Does your company currently have a customer loyalty program for your clients or customers?
Loyalty programs are a great way to increase the customer lifetime value and optimizes your brands value while extending relationships with key stakeholders.
For many companies whom have these programs, the main mechanisms are : the use of discount certificates etc. as rebates, coupons etc. to entice customers to return to the store, or using the amount of money used or number of times the customer visited the store to determine the points; a wide range of systems are used.
Then why is it, in spite of this, the results are not as you had anticipated? Although the use of rebates and discount certificates may increase customer satisfaction in the short term, in the long term it will reduce the brand value of your organization.

Problems With The Customer Loyalty Programs

Initial costs
Despite wanting to start a point system to retain customers you don't have the budget.
Getting stuck in a rut
The rewards for your customers are stuck in a rut, and the effectiveness of the program is decreasing.
Administrative burden
Each loyalty program and promotion requires an individual approach and handling, which poses a significant administrative burden.

Benefit One offers you a low-cost customer loyalty program that is guarantee to be successful.

The point programs we offer can be one where communication with the customer is in accordance with their rank, or one where a prospective outstanding / royal customer group' system can be used to nurture those customers with the potential to become outstanding / royal customer.
Rather than giving items as reward, our point-based loyalty program is an effective style where customers receive points that allows them to accumulate and redeem a variety of goods and services as well as your corporate goods!

Our Platform’s Advantage

Low initial costs
Compared to creating and initiating a program by yourself, we can provide you an original point system at a much lower cost and in a shorter period of time.
Increasing loyalty
With a new point system where over 3000 products can be selected as gifts for loyal customers, the effectiveness of your promotion will be doubled.
Easily Managed
By centralizing the various campaigns and promotions onto one platform, the amount of management and labor required can be dramatically reduced.

We provide a program unique to your company that is easy to apply and start using. We offer the ability to classify and filter customers, add your own company’s goods and services as rewards for point redemption, as well as the ability to customize the timing of point accumulation.
We will support you to increase your company’s value, acquire new customers, consolidate your customer base, and increase your outstanding / loyalty customers, all while understanding your company’s goal to strengthen the relationship between you and your customer base!