Our platform is a new style of employee incentive points system that incorporates corporate efficiency with personalized rewards.

Employee rewards points systems provide motivation and also offer the company with a clear and focused business strategy. In traditional incentive programs, cash and gift card rewards were only focused on the top five percent of top performers. However, by using points and unique criteria, all levels of employees can increase their motivation and add value to your organization. Our employee benefits services will result in an increased bottom line and improved customer satisfaction. Bring engagement and higher satisfaction to your employees by providing unique, customized, and creative criteria by using our points-based program.

Customize your incentive achievements to create unique awards for every level on our employee engagement platform. By rewarding increased performance levels through points, employees and managers can see a breakdown of performance and engagement based on point accumulation.

Rewards in the form of cash and gift cards do not have lasting impressions since they are easily forgotten. But using our points-based employee engagement service will allow you to view the accumulation and redemption of points on an ongoing basis.

Long Term Tracking Ability

This is an important factor when the goals of a company are long-term in nature and the performance levels of individual employees are likewise tracked over a lengthy period of time. With our employee benefits service in Thailand, you have the ability to set the time parameters to meet whatever goals are important to the company to achieve.

Instead of weekly, monthly, or yearly, the progress of departmental and individual employee goals can be set to track over the course of several years. This expanded capability can be applied to senior management who have made the company their life’s work and career.

The points system can also be adapted to represent other rewards options such as stock and share options, or extended time off from work.

Ease of Management

With Benefit One’s easily managed platform, different departments and tiers of employees can have different goals attributed to them. All of these departments and employee tiers can be easily managed by a company’s HR department.

The HR department can also easily issue reports to the department heads whenever they are requested, or scheduled. These reports will be targeted to only show the results of the requesting department’s performance.

Benefits of Flexibility

The benefits of Benefit One’s employee engagement service is that whenever a change is made to a department’s goals, they can easily be changed within the system without affecting other department’s point allocation or reward scheme.

This means that different departments within a company can operate their employee reward points system autonomously. The sales department may have different criteria than the marketing department, but each of these departments can have their separate points systems that each can track concurrently.

This allows a company to remain dynamic and fluid to adapting to market changes in their particular industry. Benefit One offers every company the ability to react to their individual needs.

Increase Motivation

Unlike with cash and gift cards, employee motivation is increased according to the frequency of accumulated points.

Easily Managed

No more endless inventory checks on gift cards and keeping track of budgets. Online platform easily managed and monitored by managers through a few clicks.

Customizable For Every Company

Regardless of your company size, we can cater to your company's needs and budget.